You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We Survived ... Barely...

Spring Break is over. I dread it every year only because I run out of things that will entertain my kids. I love having them home - I love not having a morning routine...but a week is about all I can take. Here's a little recap of our week. We had cousins over and had to do some "posing" for the camera...because that's what we do. We went bowling (that will be another post), we went to a hot springs (also another post), played with friends, played Uno and dominoes with Grandma and Grandpa, explored the neighborhood, and stayed up late. Here's some proof:

Jocilyn posing...

Hunter posing...- he loves the camera

Gwennie loving the idea of one day getting more shape to her body...she's so darling...I would laugh and sometimes do, but I did the same thing as a kid.

Texas trying out the motorcycle before we cleaned the garage.

My Dallin - hanging out...he's been a pill lately.

Sweet Tex again. (He loves to wear superhero pjs)

Dallin's first taste of licorice....

Trying to get out of the's tricky.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do You Believe?

So, St. Patrick's day has come and gone. Hunter was so excited because someone at school had told him that the eve of St. Patrick's the Leprechauns come and put money or gold in your shoes if you leave them outside. Travis and I talked about this and decided that the little green men would likely not come to our house because then it starts something that must be continued each year. (Call us lazy if you like, but we just didn't want to start yet another thing...).... Anyway, he left his shoes out on the eve of green day....and then the morning arrived and nothing was there. :( We had a very sad little boy on our hands.

So, St. Patrick's afternoon I got a phone call from Mrs. Petross...(Hunter's teacher). (School was still in session) She just wanted to call to give me a heads up. Here's our conversation:
Mrs. Petross: I just wanted to let you know that Hunter refused to color his Leprechaun puppet that we are making because he didn't get anything in his shoes last night and he doesn't believe in them any more.
Me: Are you serious?
Mrs. P: Yeah, he asked me if I believed and I told him I wasn't going to answer that.
Me: Well, Travis and I talked and decided we weren't going to do anything "magical" - so we just decided to dye the milk green instead.
Mrs. P: I don't blame you, but now Ean has told him that the Leprechauns come the night of St. Patrick's Day so he thinks if he puts his shoes out tonight that he'll get something.

Hunter came home less than an hour after the phone call. Opened the door and proclaimed that he had gotten the day wrong and his shoes needed to go out tonight so he could get gold. He was so excited.

So, now we are in a dilemma....the little guy wants to believe the little green man will come fill his shoes with gold....we didn't want to disappoint, so we let him set his shoes out again...and the morning of the 18th he had $1 in his shoes....he even left the Leprechaun he made a few days prior as a gift for the magical green man....

He was thrilled with his dollar....and now fully believes in the magic of St. Patrick's day again....I guess we should've believed harder that the magic would happen the first night rather than dragging it out for another night...poor kid....he now told us that we should've believed all along and we would've had better luck.
So, do you believe....? Because if you don't they won't come.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thought it was a Leprechaun... but it was the Texas

I thought I would be clever for St. Patrick's day and so I food colored the milk last night so my kids could have green milk with their cereal. Hunter loved it and was so excited that I did it. Gwennie pronounced that she hates green milk and opted for a Special K bar instead of cereal. Tyler never eats cereal with milk so he enjoyed his box of Better Cheddars and vanilla yogurt. (he got to the crackers before I knew what he had done.)

These pictures were from a few days ago, but Tyler was wearing green so they are fitting of a little leprechaun post. He just wanted to hang out under the sink...Trish captured a few great shots of the mini man.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Day!

Today has been an excellent day. I have been a bit stressed lately and today was one of those days you just want to freeze because it has been delightful (so far). I used to take the kids (during the summer mostly) to the library on Monday mornings for the reading/craft time that they do for the preschoolers. Well lately, I have just been running errands and miss it every week. So, in spite of how crappy we have felt (we've had colds or something like them) we decided to go. So, off we went this morning after we got Hunter off on the bus, Gwendalin, Tyler, Dallin, and I went to preschool time at the library. We read books about the color green and then made rainbows. It was great.

I got them fed when we came home and saw Travis for a few minutes, then it was naptime. I got Gwennie and Tyler in bed getting a chance to lay with both for a few mintues and sing a few songs , and I thought Dallin too, but he didn't last...So, I got him up strapped him to my chest and we scrubbed the wood floors and bathroom floors. Soon he too seemed tired to I positioned the swing just right in front of Baby Einstein and off to dreamland he went for the next 2 hours.

During that time I got my workout in - read some of my book (The Host), folded laundry, started more laundry, and cleaned my bathroom.

Tonight is soccer practice and FHE. I love today. I need to be better about planning my days so that my kids get more of my was a great day! Maybe we can get a game of Uno in at Home Evening....Hunter and Gwendalin love to play it...we played with them all fun!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I am copying a friend (Amy) on this post because it's a good idea to get the guilt off my mind....Here are a few confessions from my week:

I let my kids watch too much TV.

I rented Beverly Hills Chihuahua and watched it in the car even while running errands....

I drank way too much Diet Grapefruit Soda....

I said a bad word in front of my kids.

I ate too many pieces of leftover Valentine candy...and I paid for it...sugar does me in.

I got mad at my husband for not being home (a little unfair since he's trying to make money for the family).

I slept until 9:15 on a school morning. (Travis got up and got Hunter off to school. But in my defense I was up 3 times in the night with a sick baby)...

I went to traffic court on Thursday to try to get out of a speeding ticket (which didn't work by the way), and went I went to pay the cashier the fine I pushed my check off the edge of the counter at her- it was mean - I was mean. It wasn't her fault the guy wouldn't reduce the violation.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

When you get old you die.

So we were eating lunch today and Gwendalin says: When you get old you die. Here's how the remainder of our conversation went:

Me: Yes, and if you make happy choices you get to live with Heavenly Father again....isn't that so great?!
Gwennie: Yeah. But you don't live with Heavenly Father when you die.
Me: Really? Where do you live?
Gwennie: In Florida.
Me: What's in Florida?
Gwennie: I don't know, but I've never been there.

I don't know where she came up with it....I thought it was going to be a great teaching moment, but she turned the tables and insisted on Florida. And she has been there before.

Church Callings....

I a currently the Bear Den Leader for Cub Scouts. I don't mind fact it's a fun time. This week we did components of the bike, changing a bike tire, hand signaling etc. My dad came and taught it for me. The boys loved it...I have another gal that I work with together - she has 4 kids too so when we meet it's her 4 kids, my 4 kids and 10 bear scouts. CRAZY!

I honestly love serving, but let me make it clear that I really only aspire to one particular calling...Visiting Teacher Supervisor...being worthy to serve in any position is great for me, but I don't necessarily care to ever be anything high profile.

Monday, March 2, 2009

We are eventful!

I went outside to talk with Tricia as she left my was windy and cold so I stuffed Dallin in my sweatshirt with me.

Gwennie got a haircut...this isn't the best picture of it, but she wanted a picture of her taken. It's actually a very darling cut!

Dallin has started solids and boy am I super happy about frees me up a bit!

Tyler loves to ride his bike and the weather has been kinda nice for a few days...he goes everywhere with his helmet on.

Carrie Lynn and Burley

Fun sweet Carrie Lynn came to visit last weekend. It was great fun to catch up with her and see her and hang out with her. She has always been one of the easiest people to hang out with....all growing up.... Unfortunately I only had a few moments with her because we were headed to Burley for Travis Aunt Christine and Uncle Mike's farewell. But here are some pictures of the eventful weekend.

This is at Aunt Barbara and Uncle Billy's house in Burley...the kids all slept sideways on the bed....they fit better that way. It was all around a horrible rough night to get everyone some much needed rest.

See how cute Carrie Lynn is? She helped with kids while I loaded the car!