You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Monday, September 21, 2009

Perfect Moment!

This is a look at our Sunday evening activities yesterday. The kids decided to play "flag football" and got creative with the flags by using strips of toilet paper. They played on the front lawn for quite a while. The laughter was so contagious and it was fun to just listen and watch them interact. The doodle (Dallin) just wandered around and looked cute. I made all of them get in our huge ice chest when they were done - it's so big you could put a few dead bodies in it - not that I would, but it's crazy huge. Anyway good day - good times...perfect moment!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Girls And Their Polish

A few weeks ago my neices were at my house and they along with Gwendalin decided to paint their nails. I told them it was fine as long as they moved the rug and cleaned up when they were done. Trish and Matthew took their girls - after we had told all the kids to clean up messes and they assured us they did - and I went in my bathroom to find this. Are you kidding? that is not cleaned up. But it looks like they had fun!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

They are happening if you're looking...

Miracles that is. Most of my loyal readers know that we have had a rough year and by rough that really is quite an understatement. Thing is...everything that happened was as a result of nothing that we did. It's called the "trickle affect." See if you own a company and the "big dogs" you did work for decide not to pay you- it can to some damage to a small company like ours. Anyway, through the year there have been lots of miracles that have happened and I don't want to forget what they were.

  • I couldn't cut our paycheck until the 1st of the month and I had a week left of the month we were in. I had 1/4 tank of gas and knew I couldn't fill my tank until the 1st, so it had to last - and wouldn't you know it -it did. It shouldn't have, but it did.
  • I was almost out of laundry soap and once again had to wait for a chance for a paycheck ( I say a chance because that's what it is, we hope our customers pay, cause if they don't - we don't have anything to live on.) Anyway, the laundry soap felt empty (Literally) and somehow it kept going and going until I had the money to buy more.
    The above 2 examples remind me of the story where the lady fed the prophet with her last bit of flour and her jar never ran out.
  • We were wondering how to pay for swimming lessons or how to pay for whatever other thing was coming ( I can't remember) and I got a letter in the mail with some cash in - it just said here's some summer money for your family. And another Godsend was someone who said they were going to pay for swimming so don't worry about it.
  • My kids needed school clothes. Someone in our ward made an announcement that they had hords of boy clothes they didn't need and to come look if we needed any. We looked and we scored. I didn't spend a cent on school clothes for Hunter.
  • I had some baby equipment (swings, clothes, bouncer, saucer, etc.) that I took to the second hand place...I got a credit - purchased some clothes for Gwennie, Tyler, and Dallin and it came out to almost exactly what they gave me in credit.
  • I have prayed more fervently and realized that I recognize the spirit and it's not just me thinking I'm crazy when I have thoughts.
  • I looked hard for a job, went to interviews, competed with people who have PHD's for entry level positions and never got hired. You may be thinking that that is not a blessing, however I assure you that it is, and the Lord's hand was in it, because something else came up and it was a better fit all around for our family.
  • I got this crazy idea (the spirit) to do a triathlon. I've never considered doing one or desired to do one. However, the vigorous training that I did for 3 months to get ready for it was such a blessing in coping with the stress that we were under.

I'm sure that there are more examples that I am forgetting. But those are just a few. We are so fortunate! Life couldn't be better! Yes, there is lots of stress, but my kids are healthy and happy and life is good.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Day of Labor

My mom was wonderful in booking a few spots in McCall, ID for Labor Day weekend about 6/7 months ago. The campsite was wonderful, it had hookups and showers....Here are a few highlights from the trip and lots of pictures to document it as well.

  • Tyler got sick on the first day (puking) and threw up for 12 hours
  • I didn't sleep the first night (Tyler puked a lot - at least every hour, and if he wasn't puking Dallin was crying.)
  • Mom and dad didn't sleep the first night, they were up helping me a lot of the night.
  • Dallin fell out of the trailer right after we arrived- he's got a nice goose egg to prove it.
  • Travis and Matthew got in late the second night from a quick Elk Hunting excursion.
  • During the second night-Hunter was asleep in Tricia's trailer, at midnight she brought him to mine and let me know he was now puking.
  • I didn't sleep the second night.
  • The kids played at the beach by the lake, mixing dirt and water to make "Organic Matter" as they called it.
  • We threw lots of rocks in the lake.
  • We built campfires - Hunter became a pro at lighting the start of the fire.
  • McKenna loved to gather dried moss for the fire.
  • Hammocks were loads of fun.
  • Kevin (from our ward) camped next to us and went on lots of bike rides with the kids, and loved to hold Maesyn.
  • After the second night of no sleep - we decided we were going to bail early - good thing too...Gwennie then got the pukes and puked the whole way home (Gross....there's still puke on the side of my car).