You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Monday, April 29, 2013

Field Trip with Texas

Tyler's kindergarten class went to the zoo a few weeks ago.  I was able to go along with him as a chaperone.  It was a delight to watch him with his classmates and explore the zoo.  I treasure these times with each of my kids.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dirt holes are always a hit!

 Travis is doing some yard work and has some pretty large holes in the backyard - the little boys thought these were super fun. This was good after the earlier incident with the police....we needed some "down time."

Split Lip

Hunter was practicing wrestling yesterday with the neighbor. He ended up hitting his lip somehow and split it open.  After contacting all the local nurses we knew personally - we decided to leave it be and let it heal and that it likely didn't need stitches...hopefully we won't regret that decision.  It was a pretty deep split.  Hunter wanted NOTHING to do with stitches and was relieved when we decided against going to the Urgent Care.

A run in with the LAW

Dallin and Tyler were playing in the front yard yesterday.  Travis and I were lounging in the family room, when the front door opens and we hear an adult female voice saying "WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?" Immediately Travis got up and went to the door to find out that Tyler had told Dallin to throw a rock at the neighbor's as they passed in their new red truck....So he freaked them out and he dented the driver's side door with a ding the size of a quarter/golf ball.  Well, the wife flipped out....and went on and on about how he could've hit her husband (his window was down) or her 2 1/2 year old in the back seat, and Travis was trying to tell her to calm down - she wouldn't have anything to do with it...she kept yelling getting more upset at Travis that he wasn't taking it more seriously....his response "Listen, I'm sorry, we will pay to fix your door, what would you like me to do about it, go inside and beat my 4 year old?  He's 4!"  Her reply..."No..." She was so mad that she wouldn't calm down and Travis ended up raising his voice and finally when they were getting no where - he said Listen - I told you I would pay for it, I'm sorry it happened....if you really feel like you need to call the police, I'll be in my house.      So, they insisted and they called the police.

As soon as Dallin heard the police were going to come , he went hysterical and ran upstairs yelling to Gwendalin " GWENNIE, HIDE ME! THE POLICE ARE COMING!"  as he was sobbing in hysteria.  It was terrifying for him.  As the police arrived you can see that Tyler and Dallin watched through the front windows to see what was going on and when the policeman would come to our door.

When he finally did - he agreed with Travis that they had completely overreacted and took our information and left it at that....He didn't want Dallin to be scared of Policeman, so he just told Travis and I to have a little chat with the boys, and we did.  Today after heads had cooled - Travis took the boys over and apologized to them once more and tried to smooth things over.  I think they are ok - we are going to pay to fix their truck and hopefully they can be civil to us.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Only 8 more years! What?!

Hunter turned 11 on the 18th! I do now know where the time has gone.  He is the sweetest most amazing boy.  He wants to be good and have approval every day for his determination in life, he's not afraid of anything and even gave a 7th grader (he is in 5th grade) a box of chocolates for Valentine's day. :)  He wanted a suit for his church clothes - so a few weeks back I got him one.  He looks so handsome in it too.  Next year he will be passing the sacrament!  And in only EIGHT more years he will be leaving on his mission!  WHAT!? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!    He is such a sweet boy!  He came home earlier in the month and told me that one of the science teachers had free leopard geckos and he wanted one.  So, he got 2 lizards for his birthday and we paid for the cage, heater, feeders, etc. He was thrilled to pieces.  Hunter you are a leader, an amazing young man!  Thank you for your sweet personality and countenance!
 This is Hunter at the school carnival at the "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Booth".  Cute boy.
 This was his blessing outfit - he is 3 weeks old in this picture.
 He is 6 months old in this picture.
 12 Months
5th Grad (Now)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hunter's pick for his birthday lunch.

We didn't have a birthday party this year for Hunter so we told him he could pick a place to eat and we'd all go out.  He chose "Golden Corral" - the kids were thrilled to see all the food they had to choose from...and especially the dessert options!  Tyler was eating a chocolate dipped strawberry (because there was  chocolate fountain for dipping) and he announced that this was "THE BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE!"  Who knew a chocolate fountain would be that big of a hit!?  It was a fun lunch and since there was no school on Wednesday it was cheaper for lunch too!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My sweet dancer!

This week was "observation week" at Gwendalin's dance. It is fun to see how much she has improved over the last year and a half in her ballet especially and also her tap. She goes with her best friend Caitlyn Glover and also another neighbor Elena Evans.  They have a great time!

Wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling!

We started the boys in wrestling this year.  We took Hunter out of Soccer for the spring and enrolled all of them in freestyle wrestling.  It has been really fun to watch them progress.  Hunter has taken a huge liking to it and practices all the time.  A last week he wrestled the same kid 3 different matches (since they were the only two in their weight class) and he ended up winning and taking first in his weight class.  It was awesome to watch how well he put his skills to use.  Dallin just jumps in and destroys people and at the same tournament last week, he discovered how to "Pin" and won 2 out of the three of his matches by just going in and pinning the other kid.  Tyler has participated and took third at the above mentioned tournament, but doesn't love to wrestle.  Our goal was to keep him in all season so that he could "toughen up" a bit and finish something he started.  And he has...and he's gotten better, but he is definitely not one for loving wrestling....he doesn't like the pain part of it.  But he has stuck with it.  We have enlisted Uncle Matthew to help with some of the coaching since he has experience has been super fun ! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Srping is here!

Dallin helped Travis mow the lawn the other day - I snapped a quick shot.  We are using the mower from Travis' lawncare company -because before the season (lawn care season) started we made the decision to sell that side of the now he is running the fence company only....the big mower is nice to have just because it gets the lawn done so fast!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Late Easter Eggs

I was so busy with the prep of the Easter activity that Travis was in charge of that we didn't dye Easter eggs before Easter.  We did it tonight for family home evening...hey, better late than never right?