You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Travis and I have date night every week. This week we doubled with another couple from the ward and went to dinner and back to their place for some card playing! We were almost through our cards when a phone call came in requesting help for a ward member a neighborhood over who had a badger cornered in the we left and helped take care of the situation. By the time we arrived, they had already gotten the poor little guy into a trash can and covered it with a lid. We simply took him to a giant 17 acre field and let him go. It was such a fun date!

He was in the can while we stood in the back of the truck - took a few pictures and then tipped it over while we stayed up in the truck.


My kids have been doing 1 on 1 swimming lessons for 15 minutes each at the neighbor's house. There happened to be irrigation the first night we started and the little boys had the time of their lives playing in it after their lessons were finished! Sometimes (or a lot of times) I wish I were still a kid.....such a simpler life. **sigh**

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Texas turns 5!

We had a waterslide/bounce house for Tyler for his big #5! He loved it and invited almost his whole primary class and lots of neighbor friends. He got a little overstimulated during his party (see pic below) - but all in all had a fantastic time and SCORED big time in the present department! It was a treat because Aunt Trish frosted his football cake and it looks superb!

Here are a few things about our sweet Tex for this year:
1. He just does his own thing
2. He doesn't love going to church - "it's boring" - but once he's there he loves it!
3. He loves getting mail - he got 2 birthday cards and was thrilled to pieces
4. He loves to swim and go down the twisty slides on mom or dad's lap!
5. He recognizes his name and tells you each letter
6. He goes to bed when he's tired without being asked.
7. His freckles and little grin could melt anyone's heart.
8. He is a tender little soul
9. He loves to play with his siblings- Hunter is his "best guy" and Dallin is his playmate (that is a love/hate relationship) - and he loves to be mothered by Gwendalin (when she does it nicely).
10. He always wants to play with his friends.
11. He wants to answer every question in Family Home Evening.
12. He is FANTASTIC on his scooter!
13. He's just a great addition to our family!
14. He would watch Tv all the time if we let him.
15. He loves going camping with his dad...especially father and sons.
16. He is musically gifted and makes up lots of fun songs. (he gets this from travis)


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July Weekend!

We went to Utaho this year for the 4th of July! Fun part is - we met up with my other 4 siblings and Marie -and had a massive partay! We checked out the BYU creamery, we watched Stadium of Fire from the grass outside the stadium, we lit fireworks, we played tag - we got lots of fountain soda at the drive through convienence stores, we ate good food, did plenty of swimming and took lots of pictures! It was a serious treat to have everyone there! We (Trish and I) stayed at Aunt Debbie's, Lynn was at the Halladay's Cabin- Scott and Brittany with Brittany's grandparents, and Jason and Tasha in a Hotel. It was good times. Oh, and we laughed a lot -thanks to all of our great humor!
We went to a park after the parade in Provo - we played tag with the kids and ate Sonic for lunch. The kids were soooo tired that they were falling asleep in the swings.

Gwennie loved to hold Dyson any chance she got!

From the parade to the little park- I had all the little kiddies in my car- fun little ride! :)

the parade was a little long but soooo fun- Tyler got a Krispy Kreme hat and kept it the entire morning. Lynn's in-laws got tons of donuts for us and we ate em all up!

Maesyn loves Uncle Travis. She hung out for a bit before the fireworks started at Stadium of fire! Then she was scared and sought after her parents. :)

Aunt Lynn was super fun and made shirts and hair bows for all the nieces and nephews (not hair bows for the nephews) - and we got a fun group shot of them all in their gear....Even dallin who was exhausted floated into the picture (my arms hurt so bad). :)

We did our own little fireworks show on Monday night - Hunter asked Aunt Debbie how she bought all those fireworks and wouldn't be satisfied with any answer....he couldn't believe how many they had. She finally told him she had a coupon and he was satisfied with that. Earlier in the week he asked if her neigbors were poor, when she inquired why he simply said "because we're poor...."

the cousins had a blast playing on Aunt Debbie's tramp and eating candy! I think these pictures are priceless!

This was at the park after the parade (Jason was gone already) and we played tag and had some Sonic!

Parade! I love my sister!
I also love my Marie!
These 2 - Annabelle and Tyler managed to get lost several times during the parade...caused quite the panic.
our fun group shot.....notice floating Dallin and advertiser Dallin! The kids were sooo tired!

We had family pictures while we were are some pictures of all of us good lookin people.

Maesyn wanted in our family picture....I think I might send it as our Chrismas card. So funny!