You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just when you thought....

you might break even or even get ahead - you got the news : You need a whole new set of tires...yours are toast. great.... so $1100 later , we are not broken even, and definitely not getting's always something, and then I remember those are not the things that matter most....these are:

Tyler kissed the tail pipe on the motorcycle just before we left for stake conference....

We now own a "black belt!"

Hunter tested for his black belt in Tae Kwan Do yesterday and passed! We invited Aunt Trish and her girls to come watch too, just to create some more good nervousness for the kid. He did a fantastic job. This has been 3 years in the making....once or twice a week every week plus practicing at home too. We think he is so good~! Anyway, because he worked so hard, we wanted to reward good behavior and good practice efforts with something, so we got him a little actually worked out well, there was another businessman who owed us some $ but paid with the quad instead....wahoo for us! Hunter was thrilled. Below are the pictures of us checking it out, Travis making sure the governer was slow enough, kids watching intently...and Hunter's initial reaction when Travis pulled up and he was lying the grass looking at it in unbelief! There are also pictures from his testing! WAY TO GO HUNTER~! And for those of you not versed in martial arts....Hunter's black belt is real...same kind a grown up would get.

We hit 7!

Hunter's birthday was on 4-18. We celebrated all weekend. We went to family fun / pizza place on Friday night, he got to go shoot at whistle pigs (little gopher things) with his dad at our friend's house on Saturday, and then Sunday we had some family over for a little dinner and party....He wanted a "hunting cake" so this was the result.
Here are a few things about our Hunter on his 7th birthday:
  • He loves to burp- it is a thrill of a lifetime if it's long at all...he swears he can burp his ABC's!
  • He loves dirt bikes - he wanted one for his birthday and I thought about drawing a bike in a pile of dirt, but I don't think it would have been the same.
  • He doesn't know a stranger- he adores everyone and talks to everyone, even if he sees the lunch lady while we are at Carl's Jr. he'll cease playing to go and say hello.
  • I have had people comment that there's a look in his eye, he's here for a special reason and you can tell.
  • He is really good at karate.
  • He loves to be outside.
  • He hates writing his spelling words every day.
  • He idolizes Travis and wants to be big enough to go hunting with him.
  • He is very good with his brothers and sister - most of the time....he has his moments.
  • He is a tender hearted boy - he can't stand it if he knows someone will be hurt (Physically)
  • His favorite food is candy
  • He colors on everything he wears to school.
  • He loves to whine whine whine about everything that doesn't go his way.
  • He asks millions of questions because he likes to be in the know about everything that's going on!
  • He takes showers that last a day and a half (not that I blame him...I love a long hot shower too)!
  • He loves to swim - he's a fish in human form.

What a fun kid! (minus the whining) We are glad he's in our family and he made it 7 years!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Clean!

Today was a weed pulling day - I had great helpers (see pictures below). I got a lot accomplished in the yard, including my friend Kevin coming over (just to see what's up) and volunteering to mow my lawn front and back....what a guy!

Lunch with a first grader...

Tomorrow is Hunter's birthday so I copied the idea from a friend (Debbie) and went to eat lunch with him at school today. The morning started out horribly....fighting, screaming, dirty sweats, tears, crazy all was chaos and I ended up taking Hunter to school late because we had to have a "talk" about why there was so much anger with us lately. My mom came and got the other 3 and left me to talk with wasn't the greatest talk, he just wanted to go to school so he was very agreeable with whatever I was saying...but we tried.
Anyway, I met him at school and ate lunch with him...very fun. When we were done eating he informed me that now it was recess but I didn't need to stay for that. :) Here are a few pictures:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why is raising humans so challenging?

Seriously, some days I want to claw my eyes out. Today was productive too. My dad came and finished some shelves in the garage for me, helped me hang brooms, shovels, etc. and get more organized (He's a saintly man)....and I felt like we got a good amount accomplished.

Tonight has come though, and I am the lone parent (Travis has been gone since 6am and it's now 8pm)...and I am in a yelling match with my kids. I told them they couldn't play and then they played anyway. I told them to eat and they complained the entire time. I told them after dinner there would be no more food and they are saying they are hungry again (Tyler even found a box of Bug Bites - graham crackers and carried them around until I took them away). I told them they had to bathe because they played and they stink and they said they didn't want to. I got three of them done and the other (Hunter) is still sitting around complaining about not doing a single thing until dad gets home.

Earlier I was cleaning my garage (after dinner) and I had Dallin in the saucer while I was organizing, he was fine for like 2 minutes before he began to scream (this is typical behavior for him) Ididn't pick him up, I let him scream...after about 20 minutes or so, my neighbor came over and said "Oh let me hold him...." yeah I am a neglectful parent...she tried to hold him, he screamed louder. It makes my nerves feel like rubber....rather than steel. I knew he was fine, he just wanted to be held and I wanted to get something done....

Now after trying to negotiate with an almost 7 year old about taking a bath, I am in here venting on a blog post and he is running more water in the bath - who would've thought? He actually is taking a bath. ( I just checked him...he ran like 500 more gallons of water after I told him that he couldn't have more - it was warm when I told him to get in it, it's wasn't when he decided he would go....I hope Travis has some hot water for his shower when he gets home.)

Seriously, I have power struggles daily....I am not sure I was cut out to be a parent. But ask me tonight how I feel when they are all peacefully sleeping, I'll tell you there's nothing better.....I'm psychotic.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

So Much....

There is so much to reflect on. I have 4 healthy kids, a healthy husband willing to work to make a living for our family, good parents, good in-laws, a house, a testimony, a vehicle that runs, and a yearly official reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for me.
This week has been a crazy one. Our routine was out of whack and it seemed as though we were constantly on the run. Busy getting Easter candy, dyeing Easter Eggs, making sure the Easter dress had some sort of sleeve/cover for the sleevlessness of it, goodies for the Easter baskets, soccer, karate, work, etc. etc. etc.
We started Easter morning with the kids sifting through their baskets. Hunter got legos, cap gun refills, and candy. Gwendalin got candy, a ballerina barbie, Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (movie). Tyler got candy, an airplane, a piggy bank, and the movie Bolt. They were all thrilled. Before we let them do their egg hunt in the backyard, we had them sit and watch "The Lamb of God"- the movie the church made that portrays the last week of Christ's life. Now, they already knew the events of the week, we had discussed them and hung pictures up for FHE. Hunter has a really hard time watching the movie even though it never showed the acutal abuse the Savior went through. I have very tender hearted little spirits at my house. But we felt it a good way to start the day. (We do the same thing with Luke 2 on Christmas morning).
We did a quick Easter egg hunt and then came in and got ready for church. It was a beautiful meeting to go along with a beautiful day. Spring is here and everyone was in their springy clothes, gorgeous Easter dressed little girls and boys. I loved every minute.
We had a family from the ward over for dinner and enjoyed their company and good food while the kids played. I feel very fortunate to have such sweet sensitive children and good neighbors and friends. I am grateful for the official reminder of the Savior's sacrifice on my behalf...what a wonderful blessing!

Gwennie's dress was gorgeous, as was she, but she kept doing this wierd face for every picture. She loves her shoes, she wore them all week (even with jeans).

This is just a cute picture of how I found Tex one night when I went to check on him before bed.

Checking out the loot after the hunt.

the hunt

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hot Springs

During spring break we went up for a few hours to see Tricia and Matthew at the nearest Hot Springs (Givens Hot Springs). The kids adored it...there had to be an adult in the water with the kids so I was in with them. It was lovely warm water...Tyler loved it and had a blast walking around in the 2 ft. area. The other kids had life jackets and ventured out more into the deeper water. It was a fun few hours that I think we'll make a habit of every so often.

Disco Bowling?

You've likely heard of "Disco Bowling" know the weekend bowling with music and lights? Well, we attempted "regular bowling" with the kids (Tricia and I). Travis came and met us and bowled a few frames before he had to get back to work....I thought the kids would love it! And the older ones did, but Tyler was a disaster. I think he bowled twice and then he was done...screaming (literally) the entire duration. He would send the ball down the alley and then be mad when he couldn't go after it. So finally I broke down and went and spent $1.50 on a stupid bag of cookies - it was the best $1.50 I have ever spent. He (Tyler) sat at the scoring table and ate cookies and drank soda (quietly) for about 4 frames or was glorious! In the meantime the other kids loved waiting for the ball at the ball return, bowling with the bumpers, and eating nachos. When all was done, we went to burger king and they got lunch and played some more.