You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Friday, January 29, 2010

Facebook Withdrawl!

I got kicked off of facebook on January 19 because someone hacked into my account and posted that I had been mugged in London and needed money via Western Union. Although I have tried to e-mail these facebook people to let them know that it wasn't me...I haven't heard back and my account is still disabled. In the meantime still this week I had people calling ward members to make sure I was okay because they didn't know. Seriously, without facebook - even when I don't post anything I feel completely disconnected. ARGH! The one email I got shortly after they disabled my account just said that they were looking into a possible "scam" - ya think? I don't post about needing money, I post about headaches, and cleaning, and working out....once again ARGH!

By the way - if you read my previous post - I did in fact "ruin my son's life" again last night. Dang I'm good! Trish says it's my exceptional parenting. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I feel like my brain has taken the backseat lately. It's too full of information that I can't control. Decisions that are in the distance that I fret over and yet the fretting does no good. I feel like I am a terrible mom lately. Tonight Hunter has told me I ruined his life. Eh...I take it lightly, tomorrow I will ruin his life again. It sucks to make your kids cry and have consequences that they don't like for actions they did. Anyway, that's on the feeble brain at the moment.

When you get married you have in your head this notion of "happily ever after" - riding off into the sunset and all your troubles are gone. I'm not complaining because for the most part I feel like I got my "happily ever after:" perfect guy for me, healthy kids, food on the table, toilets, running water, hot showers, etc. But what wasn't in my plan was the adversity that came with the "happily ever after." Yeah, yeah, it's supposed to come, I know...I guess I just thought if I didn't include it in my plan then it wouldn't come. So, now the brain is on overload as I daily try to digest many predicaments. Ok we know we are doing the job we are supposed to, it couldn't have been clearer that this is what the Lord wants us to be doing...but when will it be profitable and provide income for us to sustain ourselves? Where will we live next month? Why do I hate cooking? Will there ever be just days of calm- no hustle...? How do I ease the burdens placed on loved ones?

These are all questions (and more) that I sift through - now I'm not complaining because even though this *%&$^ wasn't in my plan it's ok. I know eventually it will be fine. I am not forgotten. I'm just trying to endure my "happily ever after" patiently with grace and dignity. Positive attitudes and smiles. Sometimes I just wonder, whodathot this would be my plan?

Grandma Slade

Click here for a beautiful tribute to my Grandma Slade - wonderful lady. I wanted to have it here so I could include pictures and thoughts of her in my bound blog book this year. Aunt Gay did a wonderful job putting it together.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shall we say emotional?

Every parent knows that a tired kid equals a severely emotional kid. Nothing is right, regardless of your efforts to make it so, and for me this becomes quite the comedy. Tyler is at the point where some days he naps, some he doesn't. These pictures happened to be on a day he didn't. It didn't matter what I did, how I tried, the way I walked, he was upset about the air...I don't even know what he was crying about in the bath, but it was so funny that I just snapped a few pictures. Yes, his hair is crazy, this is because he can't stand any and I mean ANY water on his face, he immediately has to have a towel to wipe any water that may come. So, in an effort to decrease the "drippage" on to his face, I use the towel and dry his hair the best I can. Dallin didn't care a lick, happiest little guy in spite of the lack of sleep drama! I love these little people that God gave me. They are darn cute!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Confessions of a Neroutic Mind.

Hello, my name is Marie and I have a cleaning problem.

The other night Travis was out at a meeting and it was just me to my thoughts after the kids went to bed. This is a regular occurrence since his job calls for him to be gone many evenings. My routine usually consists of cleaning up from the day - scrubbing the floor, laundry, dishes, counters, etc. Well, it hit me the other night as I was vacuuming up spilled mustard seed (yes an entire bottle - from the dallie man) that I am a freak. I started vacuuming and hearing the sounds of the seeds enter the vacuum made me feel like my carpet was getting super I was moving the vacuum super slow as to get every last seed. Anyway, I started looking at the vacuum lines....I love vacuum lines. So- I continued to vacuum (my family room only) for another 20 minutes - literally. Anyone who has seen my family room knows it is not big you could spit from one side to the other. But the lines called me to them. I had the most beautiful vacuum lines you've ever seen, very methodical each in a row with distinct patterns of where I had stopped the unit each time. As I pondered why I did this I realized that I am a freak through and through. Who continues vacuuming just to get the perfect vacuum lines? uh....

Then I recalled that I not only do that, but if there is a scrap of sticky on any part of the wood floor in my house I pull out the mop and the entire thing gets done - sticky spots and more. What has happened to me?

I have thought about this often - how cleaning really rules my life. I don't want it to take over so I have made a conscious effort not to be crazy about it when my kids are awake. I sit with them and read books or watch a cartoon even if there's toys every where and dishes in the sink. For me this is an almost impossible task. I think of what needs to be done while I am spending time with them...BUT...I will give myself credit - cleaning is an outlet for me. I can't enjoy a bath or watch a TV show with husband Travis unless my house is clean, dishes, floors, etc. At least it's a good outlet - I mean it could be that my stress reliever is wasting time on the Internet (which I do that too), or vegging constantly. It makes me feel better to clean.

Now my mom would say that I inherited this neuroses from her. I will tell you that I did not. My mom kept a clean house and we all knew we needed to keep it clean to ensure her good mood - but she didn't constantly mull over it. At least I don't remember that she did...

After this past year: we have been beaten up pretty good (which I don't mind, we've grown from it), we had the Dallie doodle, and I feel like I have lost complete control over my life. I think that's part of the reason I love to clean - I CAN'T stand any mess, I don't go to bed with any mess. My sheets are all changed once a week- laundry is always folded hot so it won't wrinkle and then put away so it's not on my laundry room counter. Anyway, back to my point, cleaning makes me feel like I can accomplish something good, when I can't control any of the other happenings that occur in my life.

So, yes, I should join a group, but I won't. I'll just leave it on the blog for whoever to read. Judge if you will, mock if you will (my husband does- he thinks I clean the floors way too often). ;)
I will give my husband some credit though, after the vacuuming incident when he came in he admired the lines with me and then pointed them out to Hunter in the morning before school. I believe his exact words were "Look at those lines dude, they make a perfect grid, not even I am that talented." Hunter just stood there perplexed.

We Made Pizza!

So today at my exercise class we were talking about how many calories are in one slice of store bought pizza. One of the gals said she has mastered homemade pizza and it doens't have nearly the decided to have pizza tonight and see if I could do it very well. The dough was FANTASTIC! I put mushrooms, olives, and green bell peppers on mine. The kids acutally made most of it - we tried to do stuffed crust as well with bits of string cheese rolled into the dough - but that didn't quite stay tucked in...Travis does much better at that than I do- he mastered the string cheese stuffed crust when we first got married. Anyway, here are the pictures of the kids getting it made and then one of the Dallie Doodle sporting his cool sunglasses.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Apple

Tyler has been known to sneak food to his bed. I captured this the other cute.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


  • I will go back to London for a vacation and visit with Travis.
  • I will go on a cruise
  • I won't be financially strained.
  • I won't freak out about my weight every second of the day.
  • I will let me house be dirty and sit and watch tv anyway.
  • I will sleep all night without my back hurting so bad I am up every hour.
  • I will mow the lawn again.
  • I will be a professional gardener and couponer.
  • I will have cute hair that's easy to do.
  • I will stop worrying about things I can't control.
  • I will go to a Yanni concert.
  • I will take my kids to good musicals and plays so they can be well rounded.
  • I will love to make dinner.