You will have significant experiences. I hope that you will write them down and keep record of them, that you will read them from time to time and refresh your memory of those meaningful and significant things. Some may be funny. some may be significant only to you. some of them may be sacred and quietly beautiful. Some may build one upon another until they represent a lifetime of special experience. - President Hinckley

Friday, April 23, 2010

Early Father's Day

So, Travis was out of town for a weekend in April, so I took my kids and we took pictures of them alone and then of me with them for Travis for Father's day. Yes, it's early, but I did the same thing a few years ago and he loves the picture and keeps one framed on his desk. So, now that we have one more child I did it again and will print him another for his desk. I think they turned out pretty cute...

***8*** is really GREAT!

Hunter turned 8 years old on April 18. He was thrilled to pieces. He got his own set of scriptures, a CTR ring, his Cub Scout uniform, a pocket knife, some fish with tank, and a few pictures of Taylor Swift from his cousins. His birthday fell on a Sunday so we made the best of the "no friends on Sunday" rule and had family over for dinner for his favorite mashed potatoes and gravy with funnel cake for dessert. He had waffles for breakfast with candles. I think overall it was a great day! So below, is a list of things about Hunter at 8 years old. His baptism won't be until June - so we can include all the grandparents (this was his decision) and his actual party will be May 1 - so a post will come for those two events soon.

Hunter loves football.
Hunter loves soccer.
Hunter is a blackbelt in tae kwan do.
Hunter loves to play with friends and would all day and night if he could.
Hunter hates confrontation.
Hunter loved mashed potatoes and gravy.
Hunter loves funnel cake.
Hunter loves long walks with Grandpa.
Hunter loves to fish with his dad.
Hunter is a huge help around the house.
Hunter is a great leader - kids flock to him - I don't think he realizes yet what kind of influence he can have on his peers.
Hunter is always happy - his smile can melt your heart.
Hunter loves to catch any living thing (frogs, bugs, etc.)
Hunter has started reading his scriptures every night before he goes to bed.
Hunter has almost mastered all 13 articles of faith by memory.
Hunter is learning to play the piano.
Hunter is a great big brother.
Hunter, I am so glad you came first. What a great boy you are! I am excited for you to take the step of Baptism! You are a blessing in our home! We love and adore you...

Little boys

Here are some pictures of my little boys. Dallie got a carpet burn on his nose (at least I think that's what happened, I didn't see it) and it lasted a few days. He wore it very well. Tyler and Dallin really have a love/hate relationship. But when they love - they are good friends. I did put a bow in Dallie's hair one day, just to reminisce about putting cute girlie headbands on little baby girls. I think they are so cute. Anyway, here are some glimpses of heaven in my littlest boys.


Yes, I am running behind - but at least I am getting somewhat caught up. Our Easter was very chill. We dyed Easter eggs with Aunt Trish and girls on Saturday night. Sunday they were hidden in the backyard for the hunt. While I was putting in the candy in the plastic eggs on Saturday night I kept making Travis taste some of the leftover (NEVER OPENED) candy from last year - I saved it - hoping it would last. I think after trying like 3 things he told me to move away from him. The creme eggs were no longer creamy and that is a little disappointing. I did learn though and didn't save any of the candy from this year. In fact, what they did get has already been thrown away....I don't like having it around for long - I eat it, they eat it, it's gross. Anywho - Easter was great and here are the pictures to prove it!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

31 Great things about being 31!

Sunday was my birthday. It was great, conference, Easter, chilling, eating at mom and dad's. Every year I try to make a list (for how old I am) of things that I love about that age.
1. Great Husband
2. Great Kids
3. Great Parents
4. Great Siblings
5. Great Friends ( I would list you all, but I would forget someone)
6. Gospel of Jesus Christ
7. Toilets
8. Car to drive
9. Coupons
10. Weeds to pull
11. House to clean (how wierd...but I do love to clean)
12. Health
13. Date Night
14. Computers/Internet
15. Good Books
16. Good Movies
17. Priesthood
18. Small hands ( I Love it when they hold mine. )
19. Cuddly kids
20. My bed (it's always better when my husband is in it - I don't much like it when he's gone.)
21. Exercise
22. Hot showers
23.Girl's Weekends
24. Gardening ( I need to get started for this year).
25. Fish ( I wish I had a fish tank - I think they are so relaxing).
26. Good TV shows (Ugly Betty, Celebrity Apprentice, 24, Good Wife, Life, Burn Notice, White Collar, Biggest Loser)
27. Adversity (yes, I am glad I have some- it make me better).
28. Good advice
29. Tears - it's theraputic to cry.
30. Kisses
31. Smells (fresh cut grass, newborn babies, clean laundry, clean house, mmmmmmmmmm so good).

So there it is....the 31 things I love this year about being 31!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You know you've ruined your children when...

We all know that recovering from a financial loss is hard. We try not to let it affect our children. We try to be subtle. We try to still teach values and restraints when it comes to spending money. Well, we were hit hard (as I've mentioned before) and have obviously not done a very good job of being subtle about it. Gwendalin has become very concerned about our financial wellness. Here are the two scenarios I am referring to. Scenario #1: I got a babysitter to go out with Travis for my birthday last weekend. As I took her home I got this story.
Gwennie asked the babysitters "are you going to take money from my mom when she gets home?" and then before there was an answer - she continued "because it would be really nice if you didn't take her money because she doesn't have a lot."

I was mortified when she told me this on the drive home. Luckily I love this girl and she and I have a pretty candid relationship. So- it blew over pretty easily.

Scenario#2: My kids stepped on some landscape curbing next door to our house while it was still wet. It caved in a bit. After some lecturing and consequences, we told them that they were going to have to pay the neighbors back to fix it out of our "vacation jar." Hunter was great with that..."OK, let's go give them some money..." Gwendalin fired right back at him "NO!, we can't! I have looked in mom's wallet and there are no dollars!"

Poor little thing...she is so concerned for us. We have tried to keep it down low - but apparently we have sucked at it. Oh well....good thing kids are resilient!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The "springiest" of spring breaks!

This week was our spring break. It has been freezing cold. It snowed. It blew. It rained. But- my kids didn't care. They played - slept on the same bed. Went to the "Nature Center" with Aunt Tricia and their cousins and grandpa - that was so fun and it was free! Anyway, it was fun week. I used to dread time off school, but I don't anymore. I love having my kiddies home!